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Dog Control

In recent months the estate community has experienced increasing rates of complaints related to dogs not correctly controlled. We need to ensure that our community is a safe environment for all, especially our children.

The Community Management Statement defines the Keeping of Animals in section 33 and your attention is drawn to paragraphs 33.4.1 to 33.4.7.

33.4.1 Cats must be kept inside house at all times and not allowed outside on any part of the Community Parcel

33.4.2 Dogs may only be kept on a lot if they are housed within a dog-proof area.

33.4.3. Dog-proof areas are permitted only behind the main building on any Lot.

33.4.4 You will comply with any additional rules which the Community Association may make from time to time regarding the keeping of animals on Lots or on Community Property.

33.4.5 If requested by the Community Association on reasonable grounds you must promptly remove any animal from your Lot or the Community Property. You must clean up all excrement and other damage or refuse caused or left upon the Community Property by your animal.

33.4.6 All animals must be contained wholly within your own Lot and when taken upon Community Property any dog must be on a leash.

33.4.7 You must comply with all Council and other statutory requirements in relation to animals and the keeping of them.

We seek your cooperation to ensure dogs are correctly housed, in a dog proof area.

There are NO-OFF lead areas within the estate.

The control of dogs is a council issue and the Wollondilly Council Contact numbers are:-

Office hours - 4677 1144

Outside office hours - 4677 1100

Depending upon seriousness of the event last resort would be Police Assistance Line: 131444

Thankyou for your assistance in making our community a safe environment.

until 2019 AGM @ 10:00am Sat., Nov 30
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