Nangarin Vineyard Estate
Picton, NSW, Australia

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The Nangarin Vineyard Estate is a combination of prestigious homes and vineyards located approximately 3 minutes from the centre of Picton, 100kms South West of Sydney, NSW.

The estate is the region's first residential vineyard project and one of the most popular rural residential concepts in Australia. Here the rural environment is carefully protected by a community management statement controlling building style, size and materials, and the positioning of the homes on their large rural lots. Relics of the area's history have been retained and sit comfortably among the estate's community facilities. The vineyards also link Nangarin to its past - Picton being the location where wine grapes were first grown in NSW.

This web site is to inform the residents about all aspects of the estate and activities that occur within the estate. It is also meant to make non-residents aware of the unique qualities of the estate.

Bushfire awareness: (updated for 2017/18) This spring and summer looks like being very hot and dry. Please visit the RFS site at which contains everything you need. This includes your bush fire survival plan and other applications. Download the most recent version of a survival plan template here!. Also here is a RFS list of current incidents within NSW where you can also enter the 2571 post code for local information. Finally NSW RFS have a series of phone apps which might be very useful for monitoring local fires, or just use the App. store to look for "Fires near us". Remember we lost a house in the estate in October 2006 from a bushfire so preparation is very important.

Static Water Source for Fires (SWS) (new) Landowners and residents living near bushland are encouraged to identify water supplies on their property that can be used during fire emergencies. Swimming pools, dams and water tanks with clear access are ideal for use by fire fighters during fire fighting operations. Your local water source could save your property, provided fire fighters know it is there. For more information and to register your Static Water Source and obtain your SWS sign for your property.

2017 AGM and BBQ/Xmas party: (new) On Saturday November 25, 2017 @ 10:00am, the Annual General Meeting will be held at the Nangarin Vineyard Estate - BBQ Area, followed by the BBQ and Xmas party at 2:00pm. For catering purposes please RSVP for the BBQ and Xmas party.

Executive Committee: The EC is elected at the AGM on November 25, 2017. If you are interested in volunteering your time to help make the estate a better place please consider the following:

  1. Do you have some time to spare, approx. one hour per week ?
  2. Can you commit to attend 4 to 6 meetings a year ?
  3. Can you access emails on a regular basis, and contribute to the decision making that takes place in-between EC meetings?
  4. Can you take on a role outside of the committee meetings ?
  5. The duties of President, Secretary and Treasurer are outlined in the Community Management Statement (CMS) but other roles need to be filled:-
    Water Treatment Sub-Committee
    Vineyard Sub-Committee
    NBN Sub-Committee
    Maintenance and Lawns Supervision
    Landcare Supervision

NBN:(new) The NBN did not make it onto the agenda for the 2017 AGM however we invite any residents interested in getting high speed Internet into Nangarin to fill in the following linked form so that we (NBN sub-committee) can advise you directly of the NBN progress via an electronic newsletter.

New & prospective residents: If you are a new resident or considering buying a property in Nangarin, please review the information contained in the new residents section, especially the Community Management Statement (CMS) which are the by-laws that relate to the control and preservation of the essence or theme of the Community Scheme.

Nangarin Landcare Group: The Nangarin Estate incorporates a number of significant nature corridors encompassing remnant Cumberland Plain Bushland and the western and northern banks of Stonequarry Creek which boarders the Estate. It was agreed at 2015 Nangarin AGM to form a Landcare Group within the Estate to address weed issues and regeneration of the native bushland. Expressions of interest are sought from residents willing to participate in the Landcare Group. Great progress has been made over the last few months as described in the following report.

Residents interested in receiving direct email information on the Nangarin Landcare Group and/or participating in Landcare working groups are asked to complete the following form.

Upcoming Wollondilly Events: The Wollondilly Council promotes some great events within our shire, including local farmer's markets, sporting events and workshops. For the full calendar of events.

Newsletter: The "Grapevine" Nangarin estate newsletter is sent out approximately 2-3 times a year and contains all sorts of information including wine production, animal protection, new projects and social gatherings. From January 2008, the newsletter will be sent out via email only, and in order for you to receive the newsletter you will need to subscribe to our protected and non-spam newsletter service. Click here to signup and for more information. The most recent electronic copy was sent out in March 2017, containing all sorts of interesting information. If you missed your copy we suggest you signup for the newsletter so that you do not miss anymore copies.

New Residents Click Here

until AGM and 2017 Estate Christmas Party Sat., Nov 25 @ 10:00am
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