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 Newsletter for Residents of Nangarin Vineyard Estate April 2009
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Christmas party 2008
Fire training completed
Bus service to WAC
Use of the Fire Weather Index
Roving reporters
Unsocial behaviour
Cleaning of the BBQ Area

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XMAS Party with the kids  2008 Christmas Party at Nangarin

Dear Neighbours,

Where did all the Children come from?

That was the common call by many residents who attended the 2008 Nangarin Community Christmas Party.  It was a fantastic turn out but none of us realised there were so many children living in the Estate - perhaps it's the wide open spaces that we enjoy and can't hear anyone's else's children apart from our own.

Whatever the reason, it was a unanimous decision the Christmas Party was a huge success and one that brought the Community together.  A huge thankyou needs to go to Alex, Colleen and Anita for all their hard work, together with Lin and Kevin who were able to entertain the kids with many activities that most of us got tired just watching!  Well done guys and a huge (although belated) thankyou from us all.

We have scheduled the last Saturday in November as the annual Community Christmas Party, so please put it in your diary now.  This year we are also going to trial holding the AGM immediately prior to the party, so this year the AGM will be held at 12 midday on Saturday the 28th November 2009 with the Christmas Party following at 2pm.  Confirmation will be sent out closer to the date, but please pencil this one in now.

Fire Training November 2008Fire training completed at Nangarin!

Twenty three residents from sixteen properties in The Ironbarks, The Grange, The Vines and The Briars participated in some basic training in the use of our firefighting equipment on Sat 6th & 13th Dec.  This involved rolling out hose, connecting it to & using the portable pumps by drafting water from a dam near the BBQ area.  It is intended to use the equipment to protect our homes by drafting water from residents swimming pools and water tanks should the situation arise when homes are threatened by fire.  A map has been compiled indicating where dams, swimming pools and water tanks are located in the estate.  Each of the trained residents has been given a copy of the map, a list of all trained members with contact details and location of the four pumps and six cabinets.

Should any other resident wish to become involved they should call John Davis on 4677 0659

For more information!

  A Bus Service for Wollondilly Anglican College
Over the past year their has been a significant increase in the number of Nangarin resident students attending WAC. No doubt you have been frustrated by the lack of an adequate bus service to and from the school? A bus service would mean residents would save on fuel costs, reduce emissions impact on the environment, promote a community spirit among our younger residents, provide the security and safety of our children travelling in numbers together, help encourage independence in our children and not to mention the convenience!

If you are a WAC family and would benefit from such a bus service please send your expression of interest by 31 March 2009 via a form on the Nangarin website.The  information requested would be beneficial for us to have when approaching the bus company.

WAC Bus Form
Use of the Nangarin Fire Weather Index
Most Nangarin residents should be aware that a local weather station has been installed and the data from that are available through the Nangarin website - see  Estate Related Links.  The link gives local information relating to temperature, humidity and wind, and tides at Sydney Harbour.  A second link associated with this weather station shows the daily Fire Weather Index (FWI) for Nangarin. 
While the FWI cannot predict whether an attempt at ignition will occur, it can give residents substantial information on how a fire might operate should it do so.  The index that comes with the weather station software is the same local weather system used in Canada and New Zealand.  The Bureau of Meteorology (BoM) in Australia uses a slightly different system. 
The BoM data comes from nearby weather stations, the closest of which is Camden Airport.  Based on this information, local fire authorities make decisions relating to fires that might occur at Nangarin. 

Please click here to read the complete article on the Nangarin website.

 Wanted - roving journalists

In order the keep the newsletter interesting, we are seeking information and stories from residents.  Do you have a great photo you can share?  Do we have some sporting or Academic stars amongst the community?  Any items of interest can be forwarded direct on
  Unsocial behavior
The following letter was recently sent to the local Police Area Command notifying them of the anti-social behaviour that a few people have engaged in. Hopefully both this letter and a similar one sent to each residence will reduce or eliminate this practice.

To Local Area Command

I am writing to you as the strata managing agent for the Nangarin Vineyard Estate regarding some unsocial and potentially dangerous behaviour that has been occurring within the estate on the public roads.
Physical evidence of burnouts is evident on the road as you enter the property and numerous residents have reported incidents of excessive speed of vehicles as they negotiate the property.

There have also been several reports of unregistered motorised vehicles being driven and ridden throughout the estate, both on the public roads and the common property.
At the request of the Nangarin Executive committee I have written to all residents and have enclosed a copy of this letter for your benefit and information.

While the by laws and management statement for the Estate have provision to deal with unregistered motor vehicles on the common property, they are often seen negotiating the public road in order to get from one area of the estate to another.
I now write to you in an endeavour to secure more patrols for the estate in an effort to curb this behaviour and minimize any risk to any individual within the estate.

Yours faithfully

Trevor Dillon
For and on behalf of DP270216
  Cleaning of the BBQ Area

The estate's bbq area and tennis court are there for the enjoyment of the residents' families and friends. Cleaning materials have been provided in the bathroom for the users of the bbq facilities. Residents are asked to ensure that, after use, the bbq, bathroom, tables and fireplaces have been cleaned and ready for the next group. Residents are asked to please remove their own rubbish and cigarette butts as there is no rubbish removal service provided by the Estate. A drum has been provided for the placement of garbage bags while using the facilities. Please ensure there is no rubbish left in this drum.
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