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 Newsletter for Residents of Nangarin Vineyard EstateAugust 2010
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Care of Estate Grounds
Operation of Vineyards
Weed and Pest Management
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Nangarin 2009 Christmas BBQDear Residents - Welcome to the August 2010 Nangarin newsletter.

Annual AGM and Christmas Party - 2010
Believe it or not, the 2010 annual AGM and Christmas party are fast approaching.  The date is set for Saturday, November 27.  Be sure to mark this on your calendar or in whatever electronic device will give you a heads up as the big day approaches.  It's also a good time to get the running shoes out as this year we're adding a 2k 'vineyard romp'  for grownups  to the activities at the Christmas party. We will once again be celebrating the season at the Barbecue area with food, fun and activities for the kids (big and small).

Slideshow from 2009 Christmas BBQ

Care of the Estate Grounds

You may have noticed how well groomed  Nangarin is looking at the moment.  This is thanks to Camden Valley Lawns and Gardens (CVLG)  who have recently been placed on a trial to maintain the gardens within the Estate as well. More information on their future involvement will be discussed at the upcoming AGM   The entrance to the estate is particularly attractive and presents a great first impression to Nangarin.
Operation of Nangarin Vineyards

The  current state of oversupply of Chardonnay on the market has been behind Bradcorps decision to merely maintain the vineyard over the past 2 years, ensuring the vines are kept healthy while at the same time keeping costs to a minimum.  Currently, there is no chance of recovering any of these costs through the sale of the grapes.  The decision was also made to apply a fruit thinning spray (Ethrel) in November 2009 to minimize the fruit on the vines, so as to keep the use of chemical sprays throughout the season to a minimum.

Bradcorp continues to maintain the vineyard in accordance with the Community Management Statement, however the commercial aspects of its management remain with them.  They have undertaken to advise the community when they have made a decision regarding the 2011 crop, that is, will it proceed to harvest or once again spray to prevent a crop.
Weed and Pest Management and Fertilisers
Weed and pest management in the vineyard is designed to work on long-term health and productivity of the vineyard. This can be most effectively achieved by focusing on the whole system and by using appropriate methods to uphold the biodiversity of the vineyard.  While this should result in the vineyard taking on a healthy appearance most of the year there may be times when the vines may not be as attractive to look at, they will, however  still be healthy. Overuse of Chemicals can denude the soil of vital organic matter, depleting the soil structure, so it is important to ensure that they are used minimally.

We also need to manage herbicide resistance.  This is caused by the intensive and excessive use of herbicides for weed control.  Therefore we limit frequency and continually change the herbicide group we are using to prevent the weed population from developing resistance.

CVLG at workFollowing concerns about the condition of the vineyard last season, Bradcorp have now agreed to CVLG  undertaking the mowing of the vineyards and the weed control around the perimeter fence.  This is at NO COST to the community. We are confident this will see a significant improvement in the maintenance of the grass within the vineyards.  The actual weed control beneath the vines remains the responsibility of Bradcorp as does the care of the vines themselves.  This is carried out as required throughout the year depending on rainfall and irrigation of the waste water onto the vineyard. Please note that there will often be a delay in getting onto the vineyard after periods of heavy rain as the clay soils become too sticky for effective operation of tractors and machinery.

General Appearance of the Vineyard   
We are mindful of residents'  wishes  to have the vineyard looking it's best at holidays such as Easter and Christmas and will do our best to time maintenance and management activities around these dates.
Renier SnymanWelcome to our New Vigneron

Nangarin has a new vineyard manager, Renier Snyman.  He is also the vineyard manager of Camden Estate Vineyard.  He has a Bachelors degree from the University of the Free State, RSA (1997) and a Diploma from Cape Wine Academy (2002). He has 3 years experience as Farm Production Manager and 7 years as Vineyard Manager in the Devon Valley where they produce quality grapes for award winning wineries, and one of South Africa's biggest producers and exporters of wines and brandies.  He achieved  Gold, Silver and Bronze awards for the Seaton vineyard  at South Africa's Veritas Awards. The quality of these premium wines gave Seaton the edge on maintaining their customer base and remain competitive in an increasingly difficult grape and wine market.
We welcome Renier,  his wife Lisle and two daughters, Elzanne (6) and Nicole (2).  Renier and Lisle both share a passion for wine, farming and agriculture, and I am sure that Nangarin will benefit from their knowledge and experience in the wine industry.


It appears that a local real estate agent has suggested to some residents that Bradcorp is going to pull out of the Vineyard. This may convince a property owner to sell but could cause problems with prospective buyers if such a rumour were to spread.    If we refer to the CMS  it clearly states that whilst Bradcorp has the exclusive rights to the Vineyard, they can at any time return those rights to the Community. This has always been the case but following discussions with Bradcorp this does not appear to be their intention.
Welcome to new Nangarin Manager

Whilst Macarthur Strata continues to perform the role of Strata Managers, following an internal restructure, Adrian Bell, who has been in the strata management business for ten years, will now be responsible for Nangarin.  We would also like to thank Trevor Dillon for his assistance over the past 4 Years.


Once again, we would like to bring to the attention of everyone,  the need to heed the speed limit signs on our roads.  It only takes one speeding car to cause a disaster and Nangarin is a community where we should be able to ride bikes,  play or walk safely.  Please be considerate and patient on the roads at all times.  One minute of time saved can mean a lifetime of tragedy.


If you have been wanting to get fit and start a training routine but just can't get motivated, check out the websites of the Picton Puffers (very social running group) or Picton Masters Swimming (once again, very social) . They both cover a very broad age and ability range. They are a lot of fun and  offer you a chance to meet some interesting and  like-minded people.

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