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 Newsletter for Residents of Nangarin Vineyard Estate September 2008
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Meet the Nangarin Gardeners!
A few words from Brian
Vandalism in Nangarin
Clean Up Nangarin

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 Dear neighbours

Welcome to the first electronic version of the Nangarin newsletter and the last hardcopy edition.  Following the successful launch of the website earlier in the year, together with the resolution of some initial teething problems, the website is now fully operational and will become the primary point of communication between residents and members of the executive committee.  So please remind your neighbours to log on now and register!

Earlier this year, the Chairman of the Executive Committee, reluctantly stepped down due to heavy work commitments.  With the support of members of the Committee, I have agreed to fill the void until the 2008 AGM.  I am sure you will join me in thanking Brian for his efforts over the past 2 years in what is a voluntary, but demanding role.  Thanks Brian, we hope you have more time with the family and your paid employment.

For the remainder of the year, this committee will focus on delivering on some key areas.  The focus however must also be on critical issues such as infrastructure and not only the aesthetics' of the Estate, although we acknowledge this is important.  Over the past 7 years, there has been a total of $5,000.00 spent on improvements to the sewerage treatment plant.  Those residents who are close to this area are fully aware of the ongoing problems and a current priority is to address this issue and ensure the system is operating at capacity.  Ecowise have been engaged to provide professional advice in this area as per the ecowise document.  For more information!

Similarly, the Estate Fire Plan is progressing with 6 fire boxes being strategically located around the Estate.  We are currently negotiating training with the Rural Fire Service and will update you further in the next issue.

Other projects such as deciduous tree plantings, the construction of more community gardens, trapping of myna birds and a well researched method for lantana eradication are also underway with results expected soon.  I encourage you to provide suggestions via acknowledging of course that sometimes all we need is someone to bring the issue to our attention so it can be resolved.  Your cooperation and patience is appreciated.  The Executive Committee look forward to being able to maintain and improve the Estate for the benefits of all residents.

Yours sincerely
  Meet the Nangarin Gardeners!

Many of you would be familiar with Steve from Tahmoor Garden Centre who has been a regular contractor within the Estate since its inception.  Previously, this work was done on an ad hoc basis and largely relied upon residents bringing issues to the attention of the Committee who would engage Steve to repair the odd garden or two.  We are pleased to announce that Steve and his team have now been contracted to undertake garden maintenance throughout the Estate on a regular basis.  This work includes seasonal mulching and hedging, regular weeding (including those weeds that appear on the roadway) and general garden maintenance.  He will also be progressively creating new community gardens and deciduous tree planting consistent with the former Estate Beautification Committee.  You will see either him or his team in the Estate on most Tuesdays, although this will depend upon the various seasons and the maintenance schedule.

The Tahmoor Garden Center is at 152 Remembrance Drv Tahmoor NSW 2573
ph: (02) 4681 9619
  A few words from Brian - Departing Chairman of the EC
What was it that you enjoyed most about being President of the EC?
 The best part of being Chairperson of the EC was meeting other individuals who had the time to help create an environment that we would all be happy to live in. I believe that we have all moved to this estate because we all share similar desires - ie. - relaxed and friendly atmosphere, a clean and presentable estate, space to move around and hopefully a good investment for the future. It is extremely important to remember - the original committees did the hard work. These first years were very difficult - most of us hadn't lived in a community title before, so there were many teething problems. These committees set a fantastic platform for the future. We were very fortunate to have had them and then follow on from them.

What do you feel is your greatest achievement on the EC?
 If I look at the physical things we have achieved, the amount of landscaping has been enormous and the asphalting of the pathway has made a great difference to many residents. Perhaps, what I would consider to have been our best achievement whilst I was on the EC - was to encourage others to be part of the EC that had a genuine passion for the estate. The EC was - and isn't a place for anyone with their own agendas - and I genuinely feel that the EC has a great mix of individuals!

What do you see as the future of Nangarin Estate?
I see the future as a continuation of what has already been achieved. Further housing will be finished, Lot owners gardens will be created and mature and the estate will continue to improve aesthetically - and hopefully socially. People regularly comment to me how wonderful the estate looks and what a fantastic outlook as you drive through it.

How did you feel having to step down from the role of President of the EC?
 I was really disappointed that there was a conflict of interest with my new role. I was always appreciative of the efforts that individuals have put into the EC - enabling the area we live in to be something special. Once my new role settles down a little, I will hopefully be able to help out again - if required.

  Vandalism in Nangarin
Whilst we live in a wonderful semi-rural environment, unfortunately we are not immune from the minority of people who choose to disrupt it.  In recent months we have seen graffiti sprayed at the rear of the vigneron shed, the speed sign and kangaroo sign removed from The Vintage, the street sign has been taken from The Ironbarks and most recently a resident in The Vintage had their letter box stolen.  If you see anything suspicious, please call the Picton Police on 4677 8999 or if it is an emergency, always call 000.  If you have property damaged, you should report it to the Police Assistance Line on 131444  (1800-725-631)
Clean Up Nangarin

Each year, the Nangarin Estate supports the Clean Up Australia by holding a "Clean Up Nangarin" day.
This year an enthusiastic group of residents - including the children - arrived at the BarBQ area ready for work. There was at least one representative from each street in the estate.
After the clean up, where a trailer load of rubbish was collected, the helpers enjoyed a sausage sizzle and sampled lots of delicious local farmgate produce provided by Greg and Kathy from Dreamcatcher Lodge.  The attendance prize (Lucky draw) was won by Damian.
Register here
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