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 Newsletter for Residents of Nangarin Vineyard Estate September 2009
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2009 AGM and Xmas BBQ
Avon Coming
Tahmoor Garden Centre
Vineyard Update
Unnnecessary Repairs
Solar Power
Weed Eradication
RFS Audit
Bushfire Preparation
Road Safety
Lantana Management
Website Update

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  2008 Christmas Party at Nangarin

Dear Residents - Welcome to the Nangarin newsletter.

Whilst the Executive Committee endeavours to keep you informed of issues in the Estate, our volunteer status also means we have to balance our professional and family commitments to fulfil our obligations to the Community.  That said, there has been some significant progress made in recent months in a number of areas.  The new maintenance contract approved at the 2008 AGM for the Sewerage Treatment Plant has been implemented and the upgrade works ongoing.  This will ensure that the largest part of the Estate infrastructure will service the community well into the future.  I would like to acknowledge the efforts of John Rowley who has been vigilant in overseeing the contractor and our managing agent.

You will also have noticed the driveway to the Vigneron shed has been re-surfaced.  This was a shared cost between the Community and Bradcorp as the current lessee of the Vineyard.  We are also looking to landscape the driveway entrance in the coming months.

Currently, the annual maintenance is underway with the post and rail fences being re stained, the outdoor furniture re-oiled and the Community Gardens being re-mulched.  The Community land is also being sprayed for bindii, clover and general broad leaf weeds which helps to maintain the open spaces in pristine condition.

More recently, we have been researching the viability of grazing cattle on the community land on the Northern end of the Estate.  This will provide the benefit of reduced undergrowth (without the cost of slashing that area) which in conjunction with Lantana control, is part of the broader fire reduction plan.

If accepted at the upcoming Special General Meeting, this will necessitate fencing an area from the end of the Ironbarks up to the Grange.  It is then proposed to landscape an area at the end of the Ironbarks and the Grange, which will be done in consultation with the affected residents.

The Special General Meeting is scheduled for 7:30pm Wednesday, September 23, 2009, at Picton Bowling Club.

2009 Annual General Meeting and Community Christmas Party

Don't forget that we previously agreed to hold our Community Christmas Party and AGM on the last Saturday in November, which this year will be the 28th November.  By locking in a regular date we hope to get as many residents (if not more) as last year.  You may recall it was a huge success.  We are planning a jumping castle, tennis competition and running races again for the kids and the kids at heart.  Sausage sizzle and soft drinks will be provided, you only need to bring your own alcoholic drinks.

The AGM will be about 11:00 am the same day followed by the Christmas Party commencing at 1:00 pm.  Further notice will be sent out closer to the event, but please put it in your diary.

Photos from the 2008 Christmas Party

AVON Comes To Nangarin
A new resident to our Community is an experienced Avon consultant.  You may have already received her catalogue, but Maria Marchetta-Lombardo has offered her services to any Nangarin resident. 

Please feel free to contact her direct on 90164310 or 0400 137372.  You can also drop in and see her (at a reasonable hour) at 28 The Vintage.  Maria stresses that there is no obligation to buy the Avon products and felt that it was a good way to meet her new neighbours. 
Tahmoor Garden Centre has moved!
Many of you are familiar with our resident Estate gardener, Stephen Hollingworth from Tahmoor Garden Centre.  Steve has just relocated from Tahmoor to 3070 Remembrance Driveway, Bargo just south of 'Marks landscape supplies.'

He now has an on site café within the Garden Centre called 'le jardin café' which opens Friday to Sunday, whilst the nursery remains open 7 days from 9am to 5pm.

Steve has kindly offered Nangarin Residents a 10% discount for the month of September throughout the café and garden centre.  Simply make staff aware that you are a Nangarin resident.  The new telephone number is 4684 2000 or email

Vineyard update

Many residents contacted the Committee this year after noticing the 2009 grape harvest did not proceed.  Inquiries were made with Bradcorp as the current lessee of the Vineyard, the reply from their Managing Director is reproduced below;

"Dear Residents

You may have noticed that the grapes have been left on the vines this year. Unfortunately due to the glut of chardonnay grapes at present and the fact that the vineyard is within a phylloxera area , this has meant it was not commercially sound  to pick the crop. Bradcorp is currently talking to the Department Of Primary Industry and requesting permission to transport grapes out of the area prior to processing which will enable more economical processing of the crop."  

We all recognise the significance of the Vineyard to the Estate and will continue to work with Bradcorp to ensure compliance with the Community Statement.  Equally we need to acknowledge this is a commercial enterprise and those decisions rest with Bradcorp.  We look forward to the 2010 vintage.

Unnecessary repairs

Recently repairs were made to the fence and gate of the tennis court.  This was due to people forcing their way onto the court under the wire or squeezing between the gate which damaged the gate frame. 

On one occasion, two young residents were seen climbing over the fence to play tennis.  When they were challenged, they simply stated they didn't have their key.  Please remember that any damage (property or personal injury) comes out of our pockets, so please if you don't have a key, contact the committee at to organise a replacement.
Solar Power !

Recently a resident put forward a suggestion on developing a solar powered capability for the Estate.  What a great idea - Imagine having our own power source and selling surplus power back to the electricity grid.  Not a bad way to generate income.  Obviously this is just a concept at this stage, but perhaps we can do some research during 2010 to see if it is viable.  Remember, volunteers welcome! Please email us at if you can assist with the research.
Do you want to get rid of your Weeds?

Commencing from Monday the 31st August (weather permitting), NSW Weed Control Pty Ltd will be spraying the majority of the mown community areas to reduce bindii, clover and general broadleaf weeds.  This is a new contractor to the Estate who is also available to spray your private lots for an average price of $100.00 per acre. 

If you are interested, please contact Trevor Cochrane direct on 0418 810372.

Rural Fire Service

Many thanks to Annette who also negotiated for the Lakesland RFS to examine the Estate with a view to some form of Hazzard reduction prior to the Bushfire danger period.  Unfortunately they do not believe that many of the areas are suitable for burning and recommend slashing as an alternative.  They fully supported the idea of putting cattle in at the end of The Ironbarks as it would reduce the fire risk significantly.

The RFS are also hosting an information day for the Estate on Saturday the 12th of September from 9:30 a.m. to noon. They will bring a fire engine which will provide information for residents on how to prepare their properties for the bushfire season ahead. There will also be the opportunity for people to ask questions.  RFS volunteers will conduct a letter box drop with further information.
Preparation for Bushfires by Residents
Now is the time for residents with portable fire pumps to test run the motors. It is also timely to make themselves, their family members and neighbours familiar with pump operation and the fitting of hoses, nozzles, etc.
Residents are urged to seek information regarding preparation for bushfires from the website for the NSW Rural Fire Service.
All gutters should now be cleared of leaves. Recent winds have probably increased the problem of accumulated fuel. It is advisable to have materials readily available for blocking of downpipes so that gutters can be filled with water if fires are threatening.
Firewood piles should be moved away from buildings.
It is advisable to have goggles, leather gloves, and bandanas or large handkerchiefs (to protect the airways from smoke and hot air) readily available for those who wish to protect their property when fires approach.
Nangarin Road Safety & Environment
We are indeed fortunate to reside in an estate which is well known for it's neat appearance, environmental responsibilities, & safety awareness.
As Nangarin residents, it is our collective and ongoing responsibility to endeavour to maintain the attractiveness of living in such an enjoyable location. This objective not only enhances the enjoyment of living here but also contributes toward building increasingly sound valuations for our individual properties.
As you are all aware, all roads within Nangarin are public roadways.  Consequently, adherence to speed signs and prevention of irresponsible driving is paramount to protect our families, visiting friends and outside visitors.
You are encouraged to provide details of any unsafe driving directly to the local police for appropriate action.
Thank you in advance for your active contribution.
Lantana Management
Residents will be aware of the increasing areas of our bushland that are affected by infestations of lantana. The Committee developed a control plan in 2008 and approved funding to trial a mechanical clearing method for the steep slopes. Lantana clearing commenced in January using mulching machinery provided by Statewide Vegetation Services. A section of the nature corridor between the eastern end of The Grange and the Ironbarks was used to test the accessibility of this equipment and a large area cleared in allotted time.

An additional area along the western boundary of the estate was cleared in May, however this area proved difficult due to the steep slope and mature state of the lantana and progress was slow with the final area cleared being significantly less than expected. Follow up spraying is under investigation to control regrowth, however the work undertaken to date has used the entire budget allocated to this project. Mechanical clearing is an expensive activity and a combination of control measures and follow up strategies are required if the Lantana affected areas of the estate are to be controlled, fire risk reduced and costs contained.

The grazing proposal is one such strategy designed to assist general weed control in the more remote areas of the estate and enable a more targeted use of mechanical clearing to the more accessible bushland areas of the estate affected by lantana.

Website update
We have recently added a Facebook portal to the website. At the moment it is the bare bones setup but we encourage you to visit the portal and add your own comments and photos. It's a great opportunity to enhance both our virtual and our real community.

We have also been adding to the Links section of the website especially in the areas of local produce. We encourage everyone to contribute to this area.

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