Nangarin Vineyard Estate
Picton, NSW, Australia

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Photo Submission Guidelines

If you have some quality Nangarin photos and you would like them to be considered to be included in any of the web site slide shows, please follow the following guidelines:

  1. We only accept digital photos.
  2. We require a JPG format.
  3. The photos need to be clear and sharp and a little different to any of the existing shots.
  4. We need a photo caption (less than 10 words) and the date the photo was taken, plus the name of the photographer if you want recognition.
  5. We only need low resolution format for web purposes and the photos should be around 640 - 1000 pixels in width.

Existing slide shows:

  1. Overall estate photos
  2. Wildlife protection
  3. Wine production
  4. Fire precautions
  5. Christmas lights

until 2019 AGM @ 10:00am Sat., Nov 30
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