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Current Projects

Over time there will be current projects that benefit the residents of the estate. Each project will have it's own time cycle. This section will be used to keep you informed of each of these projects and their current state of completion.

The current projects include:

  1. Sewerage System Upgrade and Maintenance
  2. Estate Beautification
  3. Fire Fighting Units
  4. Fire Hazard & Lantana Eradication Plan (updated)

Sewerage Plant updated September 2015

Nangarin operates its own sewage treatment plant. This a complex system that is continually maintained. Treated water from the system is used to water the vineyard. The Treatment Plant is current being monitored and maintained by GHD, Engineers. They receive daily and emergency communications direct from the system to confirm it is operating correctly or if there is a failure. Members of the Executive Committee allocate a lot of personal time to monitoring reports and providing continuing oversight of the system. Recently a visit by Council officers was carried out and we were pleasantly surprised to be complimented on the quality of the system, its maintenance program and the quality of water after treatment. It is important that owners are very careful only to put proper waste into the system to ensure its ongoing efficient operation.

Estate Beautification updated 2008

We have been working towards some great new shade trees being planted around the amenities areas next to the BBQ. One of our primary objectives is to use local natives in the planted community areas. To this end we have approached our local nurseries to provide planting advice and prices, to be presented to the committee for approval.

The subcommittee is committed to working together with local residents to ensure that all future plantings compliment the fire/risk plan and in no way compromise our safety. It is proposed to use native trees to rejuvenate areas of bush land away from homes that is along the creek line. Deciduous trees, which are largely fire retardant, will then be planted in the open areas and will provide excellent colors throughout autumn and summer.

To ensure appropriate community consultation, the estate has been divided into two zones. This is represented by the area to the south of the vintage (incorporating The Vines and The Briars) and the area to the north of the Vintage (incorporating the Ironbarks). If you have a suggestion for community land near your home, please contact your local representative to discuss your proposal. It should be remembered that there is an expectation that residents will assist in the maintenance of improvements, even if this only amounts to a drink of water and the occasional fertilize.

This project is set to continue throughout 2008 under the new committee. Further updates will be available as the project progresses.

For more information on your local sub committee representative or to become part of this sub-committee contact the secretary to express your interest:

Contact the secretary.

Fire Fighting Units updated September 2015
The issue of possible effects of bush fire on the estate and its residents continues to be a concern of the Executive Committee. Nangarin has established a Community Fire Unit and some members of the Estate have received training to be part of this unit. There are a number of fixed fire appliances throughout the estate and other mobile units. Only trained and authorised persons may use the equipment.

Simply Strata (at the request of the Executive Committee) is setting up an SMS warning system for Nangarin residents. It is therefore important that Simply Strata has a mobile number or numbers for as many residents as possible. There are manay residents for whom a mobile number is not held. If you are not sure, please send an email with your name, address and mobile number to

Fire Hazard & Lantana Eradication Plan (updated September 2016)
Lantana itself presents an extreme fire hazard. Whilst many thousands of dollars have already been spent on this 'weed' it remains a concern.

Lantana in some areas has been recently treated and the Executive Committee is working with Local Bush Fire Brigades to arrange, if possible, and subject to appropriate weather, burning off treated areas to enable the Wildlife Corridor to be used by wildlife (as it has been designed) and to reduce bush fire risk in the coming season. Quotes have been obtained to poison further areas and the project will continue to minimise the lantana through the estate.

A copy of a 2015 report is now available along with a map showing impact of current treatment.

The Nangarin Estate incorporates a number of significant nature corridors encompassing remnant Cumberland Plain Bushland and the western and northern banks of Stonequarry Creek which boarders the Estate. It was agreed at 2015 Nangarin AGM to form a Landcare Group within the Estate to address weed issues and regeneration of the native bushland. Expressions of interest are sought from residents willing to participate in the Landcare Group. Great progress has been made over the last few months as described in the following report.

Residents interested in receiving direct email information on the Nangarin Landcare Group and/or participating in Landcare working groups are asked to complete the following form.

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