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Current Projects (updated 11/2018)

Over time there will be current projects that benefit the residents of the estate. Each project will have it's own time cycle. This section will be used to keep you informed of each of these projects and their current state of completion.

The current projects include:

  1. Sewerage System Upgrade and Maintenance
  2. Estate Landscaping
  3. Community Fire Unit
  4. Fire Hazard & Lantana Eradication Plan
  5. Vineyard, see separate section
  6. Landcare and Wildlife care, see separate section
  7. NBN, Fixed Line Wireless broadband available since 9/2018

Sewerage Plant Updated 11/2018

Nangarin operates its own sewage treatment plant. This a complex system that is continually maintained. Treated water from the system is used to irrigate the vineyard. The Treatment Plant is current being monitored and maintained by third party contractors, with communication alerts also monitored by Simply Strata. They receive daily and emergency communications direct from the system to confirm it is operating correctly or if there is a failure. Members of the Executive Committee allocate a lot of personal time to monitoring reports and providing continuing oversight of the system. Recently a visit by Council officers was carried out and we were pleasantly surprised to be complimented on the quality of the system, its maintenance program and the quality of water after treatment. It is important that owners are very careful only to put proper waste into the system to ensure its ongoing efficient operation.

Estate Landscaping Updated 11/2018

In June, 2018, the tree scape at the entrance was redone because the Poplars originally planted, had either died, were full of wood worm and rot. The new planting of Ornamental Pear trees was done by Wollondilly Council who are responsible for the roads and verge on the estate.

There is work to be done on erosion caused to the water courses into both major dams. This has been talked about by your EC and hopefully will be addressed in 2019.

The bridge over spillway for the lower dam needs rectification and bolstering. This work will also be undertaken in 2019.

The street light poles on the estate need repainting and we will endeavour to arrange this going forward. It’s been difficult as the various instrumentalities have declined to take ownership.

The path from the cattle grid gate, past the tennis court needs some resurfacing. This again is work to be scheduled for next year (2019).

For more information on your local sub committee representative or to become part of this sub-committee contact the secretary to express your interest:

Contact the secretary.

Community Fire Unit Updated 11/2018

Nangarin Estate has a volunteer fire unit which was established in the aftermath of the 2006 bushfire which destroyed a home, and threatened several others, in The Grange.

The Community Fire Unit (CFU) comprises about twelve volunteer residents who are members of the Rural Fire Service. The CFU is affiliated with the local Lakesland Volunteer Bush Brigade.

The primary role of the CFU is to protect property within the estate from spot fires and ember attack until the arrival of professional fire brigades. It has a fire fighting trailer which is equipped with a pump, canvas hoses, etc. It also has additional portable pumps, and fire equipment cabinets, which are strategically located throughout the estate. The pumps can be used to deliver water from swimming pools, water tanks or dams, in a fire emergency. Only trained and accredited members have access to the equipment, and are permitted to use it.

Residents should ensure that Sydney Water hydrants adjacent to their property are readily accessible. If fire threatens, clear access to them is essential, particularly at night. The hydrants are located on the Council nature strip, and residents must ensure that they are not covered by turf, or obstructed by garden plants, shrubs, etc.

For more information and ways to determine your own fire risk see our Fire Precautions section.

Fire Hazard & Lantana Eradication Plan updated 11/2018

Lantana is a weed of national significance and contributes to the bush fire fuel load within the Nangarin Estate. Since 2009 Community funds have been annually allocated to a programme of weed reduction while maintaining the unique character of our Cumberland Plain Woodland areas.

The Nangarin Estate encompasses significant areas of remnant and endangered Cumberland Plain Woodland under threat from Lantana invasion and a range of other weed species. The 2015 Nangarin AGM endorsed the formation of a Landcare Group within the Estate to manage weed issues and regenerate the native bushland.

Great progress has been made over the last few years by our team of residents, supported by the expertise from Greater Sydney Local Land Services and funding from Greater Sydney Community Landcare Grants -Round 3, an initiative of the Australian National Landcare Programme.

Residents interested in receiving direct email information on the Nangarin Landcare Group and/or participating in Landcare working groups are asked to complete the following form.

For the latest information view the April 2018 Nangarin Landcare 'Bush News' & Project Report

Also see the separate section on Landcare and Wildlife care for more information

NBN: (updated September 2018)

The NBN is now available in Nangarin using fix-line wireless technology. Some families have already taken advantage of this and are online NOW. Initial tests indicate that download speeds are averaging 25Mbps and upload speeds around 7Mbps on typical plans and on the top end plans over 40Mbps download and 14Mbps upload. We believe, based on our NBN infrastructure, that these speeds will not drop as more residents signup. That's a minimum five to twenty or more times faster than residents are currently getting under ADSL2+. The estate has always had broadband issues especially with the residents living furthest away from the estate entrance. After an internal and external three year battle this is now behind us and everyone within the estate can now take advantage of reliable fast broadband. Apart from the obvious entertainment options, this now allows residents to take advantage of the more fundamental educational and healthcare applications that are being launched onto the market on a daily basis. CSIRO just released (September 12) a healthcare report which, amongst other things, highlights the importance of the digital technoloy role in improving our healthcare across all generations, especially in our senior citizens. A fast reliable broadband service is fundamental to any of this and we now have this in Nangarin. Apart from the obvious benefits, this can also lead to less commmuting and more quality family time.

For some light reading check out some information and plans associated with Fixed Line Wireless technology. Also here is a copy of the Fixed Line Wireless equipment and installation guide. You should receive an updated copy of this in the mail shortly.

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