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Wine Production, updated 11/2019

Nangarin Vineyard "Lens Legacy" launch meets with approval Sunday the 14th October, 2018 saw the release of the much awaited 2017 Nangarin Vineyard Estate wine. This was the first commercial harvest since 2006 when the wine was labelled under the Nangarin label. With the vineyard now being managed by a veteran of the industry, Darren Corradi, together with Southern Highland Wines (SHW), they have created an impressive label that captures the history of the Estate. This together with one of the Southern Highlands leading winemakers, Eddy Rossi, they have produced a quality chardonnay that has the potential to see the label grow.

Over 80 residents and friends celebrated the day with a quality Italian feast, complimented by many of the SHW labels, and of course ‘Lens Legacy’. The feedback from the residents was extremely positive with many requesting the lunch to become an annual event. We heard from Darren and Eddy about the quality of the grapes and the wine, with our Strata Manager, Frank Kirkpatrick joining with members of our Executive Committee acknowledging the efforts of all those involved.

Darren announced an offer, exclusive to the residents of Nangarin, with the purchase price of the wine at $15.00 per bottle with free delivery. The wine is expected to retail in selected outlets in the $22-$25 price range, with cellar door sales expected to reach $28.00 per bottle.

For residents wishing to order the wine, you can call SHW on 4868 2300 or email Be sure to provide your address details to secure the residents special pricing and free delivery within the Estate.

Looking forward to seeing more residents at future ‘vintage’ releases. Kind Regards and thank you for your continued support
Nangarin Vineyard Sub Committee.

For a photo album from the launch.

2019 Update: The February/March 2019 harvest is expected to be released in November 2020. Selective harvesting to pick the very best grapes should produce a qualtity vintage and in a quantity that can be realistically sold. A harvest taste test is planned for February/March 2020. We are happy with quality of the wine, and seeking boutique markets.

Vineyard History prior to 2018
The actual Vineyards are located on Lot 3. They were initially planted by the developers Bradcorp to comply with the development requirement for an agricultural concern. The cost of planting the vineyard was approximately $75,000.00 per hectare. The vineyard used to be maintained by Bradcorp but in June 2016 they handed them back to the community. The land always remains the property of the community. The land size of the vineyards is 18 Hectares.

The Vineyard is fully irrigated, with the grey water from the sewerage treatment plant being used for that purpose. Original sale contracts outline the obligation on the Estate to maintain the irrigation equipment. This is included in your annual fees and fully budgeted for.

The Wollondilly area remains prone to a fungus (Phylloxera) and as such is subject to strict disease control. The grapes can only be processed within the area. From 2006 until 2017 the grapes were put to sleep well before they matured. A small harvest is being planned for February 2017 and the hope is that full production will resume within the next couple of years.

As agreed to at the 2016 AGM, Southern Highlands Wines are going to undertake a harvest of the Nangarin Vineyard this season. This is at NO ADDITIONAL COST to the residents. The harvest has been sub contracted to SHW who will make all commercial decisions regarding the processing, marketing and distribution of the wine. As many of you would know, the Chardonnay market has been stagnant for many years and this will be the first Nangarin harvest since 2006 when it was last undertaken by Bradcorp and processed by Vicarys winery (now closed due to the Badgers creek airport). Whilst the vineyard has produced up to one hundred ton previously, SHW are only expecting to harvest about twenty five ton from the main vineyard this year.

This is a long term proposal to test the market and evaluate the future potential of the wine. Whilst the agreement will see a 5% net profit returned to Nangarin, it is recognised this may not be realised for several years whilst the wine market is explored. Residents will be provided a further update at the 2017 AGM.

The harvesting is scheduled for the week commencing 20 February 2017, so it is likely you will see increased activity through the vineyard. The exact time/days for the harvest will be determined by the weather and the result of final testing of the grapes to determine the sugar and acid levels. For these reasons it is not possible to say exactly when the harvest will occur, however your understanding of the increased activity is appreciated.

Visit our Facebook page for lots of recent photos and a small video on the harvesting process.

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